The Bride and the Iron Hand

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It’s been a long time coming, but I’m finally free to make the announcement that’s been almost a whole season in waiting –

My follow-up to The Iron Hand’s Good Wife is finally published, and here’s a twist: it’s a prequel. The Bride and the Iron Hand takes us back to Hugh Isarnon, the strong-handed hero of the first book, as a younger nobleman. King Edgar, whose death was a catalyst for the plot of the book, is still alive and well and in search of a bride. Hugh is swept up into this plan by a fellow nobleman and friend, Aethelwald, and before he knows it, Hugh is caught up in the struggle between both men and the one woman they lust over — readers of Good Wife might know just who wins that particular struggle, but it’s my hope that they won’t feel cheated by knowing too much ahead of time. I also hope that watching the burgeoning relationship between a younger Elena and Hugh might give a glimpse into the foundation they build together, and the romance that slowly blossoms over both novels.

The Bride and the Iron Hand is available from Blushing Books, and can be bought direct at the links below. I hope that readers will be willing to return to my little slice of Anglo-Saxon England and the characters that have come to life there — for them, and for myself.

Buy it from Blushing Books:

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The Bride and Iron Hand - Cover

The Bride and Iron Hand – Cover

So the place has gotten a little dusty over the last few months, hasn’t it? That’s just the way of things, I suppose — this is a place I’m intending to use for current news. If there’s no news, then there’s really nothing current to talk about, is there?

I’ve been kicking around a blog post on this for months, but I’m not any closer to writing it now. Maybe someday.

But seeing as there is current news to share, what better time than now?

Things are still in the beginning stages, but with any luck, I’m hoping to make a sale on a second project very soon. I wish I could say more, but until things are signed and certain legal thingamajigs are handled, I don’t want to spoil anything. However, I can say that it’s my hope that fans of The Iron Hand’s Good Wife will be very happy with what’s coming.

That’s all from the underground for tonight. Party on, party-on-ers.

Hey, I’m on the Internet!

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No irony here, I assure you. Just a fun little detail I noticed yesterday — I was checking one of the old Wikipedia articles I used while researching The Iron Hand’s Good Wife and noticed this little addition:


My apologies if it’s hard to read. My book is listed on the “Æthelred the Unready” page under the “Cultural References” page and gives a brief mention of his role in the book. That’s kinda cool, right?

Just something worth noting. Carry on.

Who Likes Free Stuff?

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It’s not shameless pandering for hits if I’m actually letting the truth … right?

Anyway, for anyone who might have seen the new Collaborations link at the top of the page, Sara Peal (one of my Blushing Mischief co-authorettes) and I are putting our own short erotica stories up for sale. Just putting ourselves out there, trying to offer some good stuff for cheap, in the hopes that we can contribute to a few happy endings, as it were.

The third of these, called “Unspoken Rules,” just went up a few days ago. To mark this occasion, we’ve decided to put it up for a free promo: for the dates of May 8th and 9th (that’s 05/08/13 and 05/09/13, if you’re curious), the book will be absolutely free.

So download it, take a look and see what you think. If you like it, maybe a certain novel about good wives and iron-handed men might be up your alley too, mm?

Here’s the link:

The song’s now playing in your head in the background while you read this. You’re welcome!

Blushing Mischief’s next anthology is out, which we’ve called A Spank in Time II: The Spanks You Missed. Here’s the cover:


It’s in the usual style of our Blushing Mischief releases, so you know a little bit of what to expect. My story in this collection, “Painting Venus,” inspired an upcoming project I’m hoping to start very soon, so that’s some very exciting stuff.

The Amazon release will be right around the corner, so here’s a link to the publisher’s website:

There’s more news coming soon, with luck.

Party on.


Release Day

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The day is finally here, when my book is out and it’s time for the reading public to make up its own mind about my little story about Saxon kings and sarcastic Scotsmen.

… what? It has those things.

A couple of things about it have changed, the most obvious of which is the title. The original short was called “A Good Life,” but the full title of the book is now “The Iron Hand’s Good Wife.” Bit of a mouthful, but that’s the way it goes in this business.

The book itself has been available on Blushing Books’ website for about a week now, but I’ve been waiting for the Amazon page to show up as well. The links are posted below –


Blushing Books:

Thanks for your time and attention everyone. Now to figure out what the next project will be!

Party on.

Given how frequently I post here — and, as anyone with a rudimentary understanding of a calendar will notice, I don’t manage that at all (sigh) — I suppose it’s an uphill battle of finding time to post updates here. But given the fact that it’s still my hope someday to post more regularly, I may as well keep on truckin’ for the time being.

Moving along!

There’s been a number of developments to post here for posterity. The first is that I’m officially up and can be found in the vast, nethery regions of Amazon. You can find my author page here: — you won’t find any pictures to gawk or stare at to your heart’s content (I have a thing about pictures, sorry), but you will find everything available in my Kindle catalog.

Which is the second development: beyond the Blushing Mischief anthologies, I’ve been releasing my own work and short stories for any curious or admiring readers. I’m trying to get you more bang (hah!) for your buck, as it were. I’ve seen some authors who want to charge $3 for a single 3,000 or 4,000 word story, but I think we can do better than that. Some of these stories were previously published elsewhere, but as those publications have closed down or gone out of print, I wanted to give them some new life and a new chance at discovery for readers, so, I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Lastly, the biggest piece of news is that the “Mystery Project” I hinted at in the past finally has a name and a cover to go with it. The Iron Hand’s Good Wife is being published through Blushing Books (the same place that has published all of Blushing Mischief’s anthologies, thus far), and is an expansion of the story “A Good Life”  which I wrote about previously on this blog in several posts featuring its main character, Emily. Due to happy circumstance and random chance, I was asked to expand the short into a full length work, and Good Wife is the result. The editors at Blushing have been extremely helpful (as well as being good for my ego on one or two occasions), and I’m thrilled to finally show the cover here. Touching briefly on my previous point, all of my original Kindle books are going to be free starting tomorrow to lead up to the weekend release.

Here’s the current teaser:

Elena is plucked from a commoner’s life and chosen by Lord Hugh Isarnon, known as “the Iron-Hand,” to be his bride. She is forced to settle for a marriage to a man who she never wanted, and is expected to both provide for her husband’s every whim and to give him an heir — something that, after 10 long, fruitless years, seems impossible…
When Edgar, the king of England, dies, Hugh finds himself at the center of the struggle for Succession, and his may be the deciding vote of who will be the next king. Hugh decides to take Elena with him to the royal court in the hopes that she can help him to make the right choice, only to find them both swept up in a conspiracy to control the throne, and all of England with it…
The new responsibilities her husband has entrusted her with are more than Elena wants, and even though Hugh’s hands may not be made of iron, their touch can still sting against her backside all the same. After taking matters into her own hands, Elena finds that the consequences may cost more than she can afford to pay, and that there’s more in store for her than just the quiet, predictable life that she had resigned herself to.


Thanks for your time, and I hope you’ll find the book, buy it, read it and enjoy it.

Party on.